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Welcome to visit Changzhou Bigeer Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.!
Focus on the production of acrylic outdoor adult swimming pool, SPA spa massage bathtub and large steel structure swimming pool
Product advantage
Fully implementing the quality system management system of ISO 9001 products.Company are fully implemented under ISO9001 Quality Management system
Spa Massage Pool Series
Spa bathtub belongs to your exclusive space
Having advanced control panel of Balboa in USA
Acrylic Quality Material Imported from USA
Built-in massage hydrotherapy sprinkler for ergonomics
One-click control of water flow, fountain and lighting effects
Filtration and ozone disinfection, colorful lighting and waterfall effect
Four Seasons Constant Temperature, Enjoy Bubble Bath Effect
Outdoor swimming pool series
Pool wall with multiple water rubbing nozzles
Having advanced control panel of Balboa in USA
Acrylic Quality Material Imported from USA
One-click control of water flow, fountain and lighting effects
Five-fold filtration disinfection system to separate fine suspended substances from pool water and impurities secreted by human body
Four seasons constant temperature, 180 days can be exempted from the trouble of changing water for you
Strong hydraulic countercurrent drive to keep swimming pool out of reach
Dismountable swimming pool ser
You can choose swimming pool style and film color to make
More economical: with core technology, about 30% - 50% less power than traditional swimming pool system configuration.
Intelligent filtration: Intelligent sand cylinder filter equipment can be used to automatically adjust the amount of filtered water, truly unattended
Higher efficiency: Swimming pool overall efficiency, transmission efficiency reached 99.9%, heating, filtering, circulation system compared with similar products, efficiency increased by more than 30%.
Common problem
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